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Glasses Programs now supported on a MAC. 

             10-7-2013  Revised:  5-22-2014



To:  All KOM supporters.


Up to now when the question "Do they run on a MAC?" is asked, the answer has been "No, they only run on a Windows PC."   Today we are announcing that they now run properly on a MAC.



How this is provided.


First, you will need to purchase and install VMWARE Fusion 6 from the VMWARE Website (   It costs as low as $15 and as much as $60.   Google Purchase VMWARE Fusion 6 to find the best price.  Keep in mind that this package will only install in a MAC running OS X 10.7.0 or above.  Click your Apple Icon and click About This Mac and your version number will be displayed.


Second, we will prepare the following items.

1.    A 16GB thumb drive which contains a Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 version of a virtual machine which will run under VMWARE Fusion.  This virtual machine is already loaded with the latest versions of the Glasses Inventory and Glasses Reader programs.  It has a copy of the usage guide along with instructions of how to load your inventory files.  Practice inventory files are included.

2.    Step-by-step graphical installation and setup instructions.

3.    A legal key to the windows 7 Home Premium license.

Third, we will send you an invoice for the above items.  The cost of this (including the Glasses Programs) will be $120 for the Windows 7 version (including shipping).  This excludes the cost of VMWARE Fusion 6 mentioned above.


Below is what it looks like running on a MAC.

Glasses Programs on a MAC.



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