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    Kendall Optometry Ministry News October 2016 

10% Reduced price of Corrugated Plastic (Coroplast) Inventory Boxes
Increase the size of your inventory or replace lost or damaged boxes.



To:        All Kendall Optometry Ministry Teams 

From:    Holland Kendall

Subject: Plastic Inventory boxes with a 10% discount.


If you have already received this message, please accept my apologies.   This is also a report to those who have already ordered these boxes.


We are planning to purchase a minimum quantity of at least 40 (not 50 as before) plastic eyeglasses inventory boxes of glasses in the next few weeks. If we can purchase larger quantities, we will.  If you want to purchase one or more, please send me a message to:


We have to have your message before we issue the order.


In 2012 twelve organizations purchased 152 complete plastic eyeglasses inventory box assemblies plus 471 tray+divider only assemblies.   The feedback from these teams have been absolutely great.  I had no negative feedback at all.  In 2013 we made another order and this time 76 boxes were purchased to support new teams and to increase the size of existing inventory.  Another order was made in 2014 and again there was no negative feedback.  Fifty more boxes were ordered in 2015.


There are many advantages to these plastic boxes over the corrugated cardboard versions.   The boxes are much more rugged, are not affected by moisture, the glasses stay in place better, etc.


We are therefore trying to develop another order of boxes for the teams.   The only way we can get a reasonable price is to combine our orders into one big order.  Please help with your order in any quantity. 



Why have Plastic?

The corrugated cardboard boxes work well for those taking 1-2 trips each year.  However for those teams going more frequently than that or whose trip might be 3-6 weeks long or more, the plastic boxes are more desirable.  They can easily last 10 times as long as the corrugated cardboard versions.


Pictures of this new box. 

Below is a picture from Honduras of 88 trays of glasses with each containing 80 pairs.  This gives a total of 7040 pairs of glasses in an inventory system.   This is a mobile clinic where the storage racks and glasses are broken down once or twice every week and moved from village to village in Honduras.   This inventory is designed to handle very large crowds where up to 250 patients each day are examined.               

7040 Pairs of glasses in storage

7040 pairs of glasses in a mobile clinic.

These boxes were purchased in 2012 and there has not been a single failure.


Most teams carry up to 1920 pairs of glasses in 6 duffle bags like you see below.

Here is a picture of 2 plastic boxes inside the duffle bag.


One box removed from the bag.

One box is removed from the duffle bag.



Box open revealing top tray.

The box is open revealing the top tray and the pull ribbon to remove both trays at once.


Close view of that tray with pull ribbon.

Here is a top down view of the inside of this box.


Pull ribbon removes 2 trays

Two trays have now been pulled from the outer box.



One tray with 80 pairs

Here is one tray of 80 pairs laying on a table.


40 pairs removed showing openings

40 pairs have been removed to reveal the openings.

Each opening is numbered.


Close up of opening

Here is a close up view of a few openings.




Prices for these boxes have been reduced by 10%


The prices of these boxes are very much dependant upon how many teams are willing to purchase them.   Below are the quantity breaks.  The previous unit for a quantity of 50 was $150.


(Two Dividers, 2 trays and one outer box)

      Quantity    Price Each

              50               $135    (A minimum quantity of 40 is also acceptable)

             100              $120

             150              $105

             200              $95


How do you proceed?

Just send an E-Mail to indicating how many of the complete assemblies  or single units that you wish to purchase.  When we reach a reasonable quantity of commitments, we will contact you to see if you agree with the price at this quantity price.   If all teams agree, they will all be invoiced for their portion of this total quantity plus the cost of shipping the boxes directly from the factory. 


Please remember that the supplier is giving us only 30 days before he will have to raise the price due to the increased cost of corrugated plastic.


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