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Availability of Blu-Ray and Standard Training DVDs.   






You now have a choice.  You can either get 4 Standard DVDs (which play on a standard DVD player or Windows 7) or Blu-Ray DVD.  Both types of DVDs are clear and usable but Blu-Ray (by its nature) is certainly sharper and clearer.


Below is a list of their contents:


SESSION 1 (Blu-Ray)             Preparing your inventory           SESSION 1A (DVD-1)


Review of training manual and "The Impact Glasses have on People."

CDs that are included

How to install the programs.

Optical Presentation

Identify Types of Glasses.

Introducing the Glasses Reader Program showing 4 Methods of Inputting Data.   First: Manual Data Entry

Second: Barcode Data Entry

Third: OCR data entry                                                                                        END SESSION 1A (DVD)


Fourth: Lensmeter Data Entry showing: Single, BiFocal, & Progressive glasses.   SESSION 1B (DVD-2)

The Mechanics of building your inventory. Assembling the boxes plus Gusset bags and Duffle Bags.

The Mechanics of building your inventory.   Labeling boxes, Printing labels, and Inserting Glasses.

The Mechanics of building your inventory.   Merging the inventory files.

Maintaining your Inventory: Using "Update inventory".

Maintaining your Inventory:   Manually and Barcode update of your inventory.

Session 1 Epilog.     TOTAL TIME:   1:37:40 HRS                         END SESSION 1B (DVD)



SESSION 2 (Blu-Ray)       Operating your clinic       SESSION 2A (DVD-3)



Purchase Recommendations.

CDs and DVDs in Manual Front

Optical Clinic Setup.

Cleaning the Autorefractor Lens.

Measuring the Model Eye.

Retinomax 2 Training DVD (Measuring a single patient)

System Setup

Using the many reading charts.

Contents of the Autorefractor and Optical Cases:   A summary

Battery Rack Setup.

Laptop and Printer Setup.

Fitting Eyeglasses

Autorefractor operation

Layout of program & getting help.                                               END SESSION 2A (DVD)


Loading the last AR Readings.                                                          SESSION 2B (DVD-4)

Practice plan and the use of the Wizard

Procedures document and plan.

Sample inventory file and loading your inventory into Excel.

Dual Laptop Operation

Using the Lens Rack, Confirmation Twister and the E-Chart

Using Pinhole and Regular Occluders.

Using the reading Chart.

Snap-Together Glasses.

Adjustable Eyeglasses

Proview tester for Glaucoma

Eye Conditions and what they see.

Eye Diseases

Eyedrop Instillation

Epilog     TOTAL TIME:  2:03:47 HRS                       END SESSION 2B (DVD)


Below is a copy of the DVD covers:

Blu-Ray or DVD Choices

The Blu-Ray DVD or a set of 4 regular DVDs are available for $25 plus shipping and handling.


To purchase these DVDs please send a message to:


with the type (Blu-Ray vs Standard) and quantities of DVDs, your name, Address and phone number and we will mail it out immediately.


         The amount of information in this DVD is greater than any class that we have ever taught.    It can be extremely helpful to those who have taken the class some time ago and would like to get update training as to the newly available software technology.



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