KOM Information Video
My name is Holland Kendall and I am the President of Kendall Optometry Ministry (KOM).  My son, Dutch Kendall, produced a video about KOM as part of the Dissertation Research connected with his PhD in Organization and Management.  This degree is one of a series of degrees that he has including BS in Mechanical Engineering, BS in Economics, Masters in Finance, and Masters in Business Administration.

As part of the research, Dutch visited numerous classrooms in the school where he teaches.  He brought to these classes glasses to be categorized, cleaned, bagged, and boxed.  These glasses subsequently would be measured by the Kendall Optometry Measurement team for distribution to the numerous Christian teams we support.  This was extremely helpful to KOM as clean glasses can be measured twice as fast and the output of the team increases dramatically with no additional effort on their part.

The purpose of this research was to show the difference in job satisfaction when the task is apparently meaningless versus being connected to a higher calling.  One group of classes were just told (ordered) to spend the next 45 minutes cleaning the glasses with no explanation as to why.  A second group first saw the video but without the motivational section at the end.  The third group saw the video in its entirety before they started their work. The results were precisely what could be expected.  Those who understood the reason for their work were highly motivated, and worked hard to clean many pairs of glasses.  Those without any motivation did not prepare nearly as many pairs of glasses.

Click this line to see the YouTube video.

This video is extremely informative about Kendall Optometry Ministry.