Nicaragua, 2012
Below is a message from the team who took our equipment into Nicaragua.  Look at "The Rest of the Story" past the initial message.  I bet that you (like me) will find this to be an amazing story of our Lord at work.
From:     brenda wilson []
Sent:     Monday, March 12, 2012 7:20 PM
To:     Holland
Subject:     Wilson

To Holland Kendall,
    Holland I would like to thank you for all of your help with our recent eyeglass mission trip to Nicaragua. If it were not for GOD giving you a passion for providing eyeglasses to people in need our trip would not have been passable. The good Lord has a willing heart in you. Your equipment kits are very complete and come with everything we needed for the program. We were able to see far more people with your system than the the way we have been doing it the last two years.We had our eyeglasses impounded at customs and thought that would be the end of this part of our trip. What we did not know was God had two thousand glasses left for us by a different group from a year ago. Not only did we have glasses they were using your program so all we had to do was put there file into the computer and we were up and going. GOD is good. We got our glasses out of customs the day before we left so they are there for our next trip or for some one else to use. Feel free to give my name and e-mail to anyone if they have any questions about our experience with your system. Thank you again from all of us that went on this Mission trip.
Your Brother in Christ
Steve Wilson
I asked Steve who that other person was and this was his response:
From: brenda wilson []
Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 6:23 PM
To: Holland Kendall
Subject: Re: Steve Wilson second e-mail

Dr. Jim Chamberian is the Senior Pastor of Christwalk Church. He is the one that gave us permission to use their glasses. I do not know where he is located but maybe you know the name. We ship our glasses down with us as luggage so we don't have to pay shipping. Most of us don't take a suitcase we just pack a few things in the glass tubs and with the other things we take. It helps keep the cost down. I will start working on the paper process and let you know when I have it for you.

I sent the following message to Steve:
Steve, I know Dr Jim Chamberlain very well.  I have worked with him for YEARS.  He bought one of our kits for his own use.
I am so intrigued how you got hooked up with him when you were there.  Was he there already?  Was he just leaving?  How did you know about him and his inventory?  This is absolutely miraculous!    This is truly a case where once again the devil lost to our Lord.
This was his response:

From: brenda wilson []
Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 12:40 PM
To: Holland Kendall
Subject: Re: Steve Wilson second e-mail

Holland, I have never met Dr. Jim but he works out of the Verbo church in Port. The program we go down to Nicaragua with Forward Edge International is connected with the Verbo church also. We stay at the church when we are there. Our good friends Kris and Jeff Thompson are full time missionaries there. They have built a house on the church grounds and live there full time. It was through Jeff that we knew of Dr. Jim's glasses. He leaves his inventory there at the church. You are correct when you say that it was ABSOLUTELY MIRACULOUS the way God worked things out. The fact that the glasses were coded with your program was just incredible. All we had to do was load his inventory file (that he e-mailed to us after we were there) and we were able to start to help the people God sent us there to help. Our hole trip was a testimony to how God works things out according to His plans. Time and again our group prayed Lord we leave it up to you. He came through every time. Thank you LORD. I have no doubt that the Lord started my journey to find a better way to do our eyeglass mission so that we and others could see His hand in all of it.
Your Brother in Christ
Click this link to Dr Jim Chamberlain's video on my website.