Burkina Faso, Africa - 2012
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Subject: Burkina Faso trip report


Just a brief trip report from Burkina Faso.  God did great things!  We saw a total of 1003
peopleó368 in the optometry ministry (the remainder were dental, children with malaria and
malnutrition).  We have 66 new brothers and sisters in Christ, now connected with a church,
pastor and church family in their own villages.  An unanticipated benefit of the optical ministry
was that the adults all were seen for either optical or dental, leaving the children to be seen for
malaria and malnutrition.  Culturally, the oldest men are seen first, then oldest women, then
younger men and children are last, so we were able to see many more children who were in dire
need of therapy for malnutrition or malaria because of the optical ministry.

I have attached a few photos.  We were able to bring 2 bags back without charge, so we did
bring back the unused glasses and also a large number of glasses that had been brought several
years ago by another team, that are really not useful without a system such as yours.  There was
also a focometer there that has not been used in a long time and the missionary asked that I
send it to you where it may be useful.  The optical equipment was shipped yesterday and the
glasses and focometer I will ship in the next week or so.  

Thank you for being faithful to Godís calling in your life!


PS, the man in the blue shirt in the last picture is the Chef de Terre of the village of NakaróThe Chief.  
He is not a Christian, but after 3 trips, this is the first time I have seen him smile and we were able to
present the gospel to him in his own language.  
Beverly Tong, MD