Jamaica, 2012
This is from Kay Kammel the optical team leader.  The "Kevin" she was talking about was Dr Kevin Jackson, OD who is an optometrist out of Kentucky.  Further information and pictures are forthcoming.

From: Kay Kammel [mailto:kskammel@xxxxxx.yyy]
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 6:02 PM
To: Holland Kendall
Subject: Kendall Optometry Ministry, Inc.

Kevin shared on Sunday "a clinic of this magnitude and success should NOT have happened ---by the worlds standards--- with a group of lay people."  In his professional opinion, the results were supernatural and He is looking forward to trusting God to see what other needs we can meet  in the future.
Thank you again for everything.  I will write and send pics soon of our time in Jamaica----I am getting my fourth child packed up----- leaving to university on Friday and will have some time for reflection this next week before school starts at the Kammel house.