Mexico, 2012
The picture to the left is what Kendall Optometry Ministry provided to this team from Concord Baptist Church who held a mass clinic in Mexico November 6-12, 2012 .  They have a shared inventory of 8000 pairs where every PC (via the wireless network) is fully aware of every pair of glasses removed by the system.

Below is a testimony from one of the workers on this team.  In three days they saw 2036 people, had 500 conversions to Christianity, and for a while were fitting glasses at the rate of 75 pairs per hour.

This testimony tells us all why we should go and tell others about Jesus.

Mexico Eye Glass Clinic,  Nov 2012

A story I must share about a woman that came to our eyeglass mission clinic this past week.

She was the last person I helped the last day of the clinic. She sat down in front of me and handed me her "pick-list" this is a list of glasses in our inventory of 8000 that should work for her prescription.

She is 49 years old, same age as me. I look and there is only one pair of glasses the auto refractor has chosen for her, and it comes no where close to what her true need is.  Her prescription...her need is for glasses that are right at a -16.00 which means she is very near sighted, maybe she can see a few inches in front of herself.

I ask Ramon to ask her if she has ever had glasses before? She shakes her head no. I am thinking, how does a person get to my age in life only being able to see inches around her.

I went to pull the one and only pair of glasses I had to offer her. I am praying but knowing her need was much more then what I had to offer. They are of only -12.00 her need is -16.00.

She picked them up and put them on, and right back off. My heart sank. These won't help her at all I am thinking. She picks them back up and puts them back on, this time leaving them on she looks around the noisy room. I am watching to see if they help her at all, then I see tears streaming down her face from behind these very strong glasses. I started to cry with her. Then Ramon looks at both of us and he asks. Amy why are you crying? I said I can not imagine all of the life she has missed.

I have him ask her how she had lived this way? She shakes her head and said...not well. She tells us she has a 21 year old son she has never truly seen his face, she has missed much of life.

I ask if these glasses will help her at all. They are not as strong as she needs. She shakes her head yes, still crying she reaches over the table to my hand and said, I can see you. She had never been able to see a person sitting across the table from her...I can not imagine the life she has lived.

THIS is why I go...THIS is what GOD wants us all to do. Help one another. I feel so Blessed that he has chosen me to do this.

I asked her, are you a Christian? She said yes I am. She said she had been praying for life to be better, now it will be. Praise GOD!

Do you see? I thank the Lord on High I could be there at that moment, for this woman. This is the Power God has! He does answer prayers!