Dominican Republic, 2014
Here is a testimony from the optical team leader, Dr Jay Suggs:
From:     Jay Suggs []
Sent:     Wednesday, July 02, 2014 2:17 PM
To:     Holland Kendall
Subject:     RE: testimonial

Dear Holland,
Here is an amazing story of God's providence in action.  I'll send a photo of the patient separately at a
later time.

Our eyeglasses team did a refraction on a woman who was almost blind in one eye.  She measured -
10 in one eye, and almost perfect vision in the other.  I said to the other members of the team,
"There's no way we'll find a match with such a disparity between the 2 eyes."  But we plugged the
numbers into the computer, and a perfect match came up!  I almost could not believe it, then
realized that this pair of glasses was sitting in the organizer system, possibly for years, waiting there
just for this Dominican lady.  How marvelous God is in His providence!

In Him,