Haiti, 2014
Here is a testimonial from the team captain:
From:     Tim Randolph [randoltr@slu.edu]
Sent:     Wednesday, July 30, 2014 3:41 PM
To:     Holland Kendall
Subject:     Re: Status of kit.

Below is a testimonial.  Once our "team photographer" sends me their pictures I will pass along a
few to you.  Feel free to remind me if you do not receive a couple of pictures in the next couple
of weeks.

Randolph World Ministries, Inc. is a medical mission ministry operating in Haiti since 2000.  In
2009 we added optometry to our medical services when we discovered Kendall Optometry
Ministry, Inc.  President Holland Kendall has developed a computer software program that
translates the prescription data generated from an autorefractor and screens a large inventory of
used prescription glasses using sound optometry rules to identify and prioritize the best
prescription matches for each patient.  The program also allows the user to easily refill the
inventory at the end of the day to maintain the inventory.  Using this system we are able to
restore vision to patients in a matter of minutes allowing us to see many patients each day the eye
clinic is in operation.  Lastly, Kendall Optometry Ministry, Inc. provides used glasses to partners
like us at very low cost allowing us to maintain optometry services to our patients. Since 2009
RWM has offered an eye clinic in conjunction with seven different mission trips, at 19 different
locations in Haiti, and have restored vision to over 3,500 patients.  Thank you Holland for
answering God's call to develop and maintain this much needed ministry in such an organized
and thorough manner.

Tim R. Randolph, PhD, MT(ASCP)
Founder and President
Randolph World Ministries, Inc.
Collinsville, IL  62234