Honduras #5, 2014
Here is a testimony for one of the team leaders:
From:     David Burden [daveburden@xxxxxxxx.xxxx]
Sent:     Thursday, August 07, 2014 10:34 AM
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Cc:     Butch Howell; Lew Arnold
Subject:     Hope United Methodist kit
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Fourteen of us had the wonderful experience of testing 495 individuals' eyes in Honduras. Of
that number, we were able to match and supply 197 prescription glasses. Additionally, we
provided hundreds of reading glasses, sun glasses, hats and Bibles.  We also provided fluoride
treatments to the children, gave out tooth paste and brushes with demonstrations, as well as
having VBS classes. We all seemed to receive more from the trip than we give. The sight of
happy children, little old ladies hugging you, the older gentlemen that just wanted to shake your
hand, all added to the experience. We were all reluctant to leave but are looking to our next trip.

David Burden

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