Mexico #2, 2014
Here is a testimonial from the team leader:
From:     Brian Lukes []
Sent:     Monday, September 08, 2014 10:43 AM
To:;; Ed
Falgout; sherri
Subject:     cobden kit

holland, had a great trip in mexico. I am mailing the kit back to you this am. red laser light
stopped working down there and small eye chart was left in mexico. please save our inventory as
it is not saved anywhere else. please tear up our 1000 dollar check. please reserve a kit for us in
2015 for may 7. to june 3rd.I am enclosing a dvd of pics from may trip for you to  post. saw 350
patients this trip and gave out 300 sun glasses,0 readers and 142 prescription glasses in 3 days.
tracts were given to all, the gospel was preached to all and god saved many! God is truly using
your ministry! social medicine in mexico does not cover glasses hence the great demand......Brian
K. Lukes