Honduras #8, 2014
Here is the testimonial to go with the pictures:
Vision Clinic Mission Scope
We were part of the Honduras Medical Mission trip sponsored by Christ Church of the Ascension in Paradise Valley, Arizona.
We traveled to Colonia Episcopal near Puerto Cortes carrying 2240 pairs of inventoried prescription eyeglasses and another 240 pairs of readers and sunglasses.  All of our equipment was provided by Kendall Optical Ministry, including an auto refractor and laptop computer.  Using the equipment, along with the software from Kendall we were able to measure patientís eyes and match their prescription to eyeglasses that we fitted them with.

Positive Outcomes
In five days we were able to measure the eyes of 210 patients and fit 150 prescription eyeglasses.  Those not receiving prescription eyeglasses received either readers or sunglasses.
Additionally, we handed out 75 Spanish language New Testaments for our patients to read with their new eyeglasses.

Success Due To
The Hondurans who managed the flow of people into and around the vision clinic.
Bob Canter, who facilitated all of the activities during our week in Honduras.
Fredy, who became our Spanish translator and was absolutely invaluable.
Meg and Carol, who took such good care of fitting the glasses to those who came to see us.
Judy, who helped improve the flow of people into the vision area.
The support and equipment from Holland Kendall.
Tom, who measured the patientís eyes.