Mexico, 2015
Larry Merry has been going to Mexico with his Church (Concord Baptist Church in Jefferson City, Mo) for many years and has handed out 1,000s of pairs of glasses.  Through this ministry many people have been brought to the Lord.   Recently he sent me a message about his visiting a new location in the state of Chiapas in Mexico.  He said:

 "We went into the remote jungle area to explore the possibility of doing eye glasses clinics there in the future.  This area is very remote and poor.  They raise coffee for income and only receive less than $300 USD per year."

Later on he said:
"Notice that NO ONE in these villages wore glasses.  I didn't see an single pair anywhere.  Great opportunity next year for a couple of clinics!"

He sent me a file containing many pictures from this area of Mexico.   I have combined it with one of my favorite Christian songs and produced the YouTube video at the following link:    Chiapas Feb 2015      I am sure you will find this video both beautiful and inspiring.  Be sure to show it full screen by clicking the button on the bottom/right.  Below is just one of the pictures of the beautiful people in this village.

Check out this happy man on a YouTube Video.  

Your brother in Christ, Holland Kendall