Honduras #4, 2015
Here is the testimonial from the optical team leader:
From:     Lynn Giedinghagen [lxxxxxx,xxx,xxx]
Sent:     Tuesday, June 16, 2015 4:41 PM
To:     Holland Kendall
Subject:     Testimony
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We had an awesome opportunity to minister to so many people in the eye clinic this year. We
saw a total of 302 patients, gave out a total of 88 prescription glasses and there were about 45
who got saved at the evangelism station.  This was only during 5 days of clinics.  We saw
several people come to our clinics with very bad visual acuity especially in far vision.  They
received some readers but they still needed prescription glasses for far vision.  We were able to
use the autorefractor and glasses inventory program to find them the glasses they needed.
They were so excited to be able to see at a distance.  One lady who came through had very bad
far vision.  We tested her 3 times and each time we had to use the wizard option to find her
some glasses. We finally did get a pair of prescription glasses that improved her far vision
greatly.  She was so excited and thankful.  She gave everyone a big hug.  
Bucket, our team leader had made a trip to pick up some supplies. He saw some people walking
down the road with the sunglasses we gave them and one man was wearing the prescription
glasses that we gave him.  We were blessed as much as they were.

Lynn Giedinghagen
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