Guatemala & Haiti, 2015
Here is the testimonial from the Optical team leader:
Kendall Optometry Ministry offered training to three on our mission teams, resulting in vision clinics being held in two villages in Haiti and three villages in Guatemala.

In Haiti we ministered to over 450 souls. Some of the senior adults didn't know how to put the glasses onto their heads! The people would allow us to put the glasses onto their heads, then they would look
around the room as their face showed the awesome joy they were experiencing!
In Guatemala, we gave away over 300 pairs of glasses. We had lots of "Gracias" when the people could see!! One was a nurse who had difficulty stitching up patients because of his eyesight. He was thrilled
when the glasses were put on his head! Another security guard came to us, and we all were happy to help him see accurately.

The last picture shows our praying over a woman who needed cataract surgery. She told us there was free surgery in the city, but she didn't have a way to get there. We were able to make arrangements for
her to travel to the city if she so desires.