Kenya, 2015
Here is a testimonial from the team leader:
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Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2015 9:16 PM
To: Holland Kendall
Subject: Re: Status of kit.

Each year for the past 6 years we have held a medical camp in western Kenya, with dental and general medical services.  By far the biggest lines are for prescription glasses. We are so grateful for Kendall Optometry Ministry for what they do to collect prescription glasses, and then to make them easily available to people through the ingenious program and refractor kit that fits the glasses to the right people!   It is an incredible program and easy to understand, thanks to all the excellent teaching options available.  We have taught our Kenyan assistants how to test eyes, and it is wonderful to see how encouraged they feel by our trust in them, and by their learning a new skill.

I've attached some pictures - we have lots, so let me know if you need any other pictures!

Thanks for all you do!!!