USA #1, 2015
Here is the testimonial from the optical team leaders.  Pictures have yet to come.
From: Robert Grempler [xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Friday, May 22, 2015 4:07 PM
To: Holland Kendall
Cc: Robert Grempler; Jim Nicolls
Subject: Eyeglass clinics May 4th thru May 18th 2015

In this period from May 4th thru May 18th we done 5 clinics, 2 in St. Louis  3 in Denver as follows:

May 6th Oasis International  Mission , St. Louis, we examined 58 people and were able to give glasses to everyone examined.
May 9th New City Fellowship, St. Louis, we examined 54 people.

May 15th Fulton Academy of Excellence school, Aurora, Co.,  We examined 73 people.

May 16th Shadow Tree Apartments, Aurora, Co.  We set up on the parking lot of the Shadow Tree Apts. which houses refugees from many different countries.  We had a storm roll in early afternoon, but still were able to examine 53 people.

May 17th First Baptist Church of Aurora Co.  after church services we examined 55 people.

In total we examined 293 people from approximately 9 different countries, and for the most part all needed glasses.  During the course of events, we were able to make several people aware of medical conditions with their eyes & directed them to where they could get help.  Each person was exposed to the Word Of God or will be followed up with local missionarys involved in the clinics.

Without the equipment & systems of  Kendall Optometry Ministries we would not be able to perform these clinics. and share the Word of God and our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ.

Thanks again
First Baptist Church Arnold
Robert Grempler