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From: Gayle Galey []
Sent: Sunday, August 14, 2005 10:10 PM
To: Holland Kendall
Subject: Kenya Trip

After many of years of disappointment over the level of help that could be given to people in the area of eyeglasses on the mission field, this year's trip to Kenya, Africa, reflected answered prayer.  
Thanks to Holland Kendall's utilization of his computer expertise and his heart for helping people around the world have a better opportunity to see, our team was able to provide the highest level of eyeglass help ever before possible on the mission field.
I am so excited about being a part of using his ministry equipment that I want to go on every mission trip possible and help provide eyeglasses.  
I know that someday in heaven, the Lord will certainly say to Holland, "Well done, My good and faithful servant."  And then all the people from around the world who were touched by his ministry will come up and introduce themselves.  It will be an exciting time.
Gayle Galey
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 Autorefractor being used to measure a patient's eyes.
Man with his new glasses.
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Another patient being measured with the autorefractor.
A happy lady with her new glasses.
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Fitting reading glasses.
Dilating younger patients before the test.
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