USA, 2016
Here is the testimonial from the team leader:
From:     Robert Grempler [rjgrempler@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent:     Wednesday, October 05, 2016 10:42 AM
To:     Holland Kendall
Cc:     Robert Grempler
Subject:     September 8th - 21th 2016 trip testimonal

In this period  from September 8th thru 21th, we did 4 clinics, 3 in Denver & 1 in St. Louis.

Sept. 9th, African Coalition, Aurora Co. we examined 59 people from many different countries.

September 10th  Fox Ridge Farms mobile homes.    As we started the clinic the program wasn't operating right & discovered that approximately  300 pairs of glasses were missing from the inventory.  We were in the middle of no where.  We were in the parks club house & found out it did have WiFi.  The pastor who was starting a church plan had the password.  We were able to get to Holland who was able to recover the glasses & program.  Once we started the clinic we had an amazing day.  Never underestimate the power of Satan, but we have an all powerful God.  That day we had 3 salvations & took the Autorefractor, computer & eye chart to a man's house who was under house arrest, and got him glasses so he could read.  The pastor has been  wanting him to read his bible, but could not because he needed glasses.  Wow what a day, we examined 77 people.

September 11th  First Baptist Church Aurora Co.  After morning service we were able to examine 76 people.

September 21th  Oasis International, St. Louis , we examined 75 people.

In total we examined 212 people from 17 different countries, and for the most part helped everyone , but a few.  God is literally bringing the lost to us.

Without the Equipment & Systems of Kendall Optometry Ministries, we would not be  able to perform these clinics, and share the Word & Love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savoir.  

Thanks again.
R Grempler