Haiti #3, 2017
From:     Dan Curry [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent:     Wednesday, June 21, 2017 10:33 PM
To:     'Holland Kendall'
Subject:     Haiti 2017

Dear Holland,
As you know, this year we used your system to the full extent and capabilities.  In our previous clinics, we only used your Autorefractor and optical kit to help us with prescribing  snap-in lens glasses which corrected for spherical equivalent power only.  This time we purchased your used prescription inventory and set up 2 stations with both laptops and Autorefractors pulling from the same inventory.

With your system, help, training and support, the number of clients served was more than three times our past clinics.  The  inventory variety allowed multiple prescription matches for each client with astigmatism and  provided better vision correction than our past clinics.  This was our smoothest and least stressful clinic ever, and the people of Cap Haitian saw the love of our Lord through this ministry.  

One lady client was presented a series of glasses pulled from inventory based on the printout.  Even though the client spoke very little English and our fitter spoke no Haitian, it was evident by her facial expression that the first pair did not help.  Neither did the next, or next, or next, and our fitter could see the client’s frustration.  With a little encouragement to keep trying, the client put on the 7th pair, and with bright eyes and an exuberant voice,  she exclaimed “Thank You Jesus, I Can See”.  We had many uplifting moments like this which gave us a spiritual boost and a jolt of energy to serve cheerfully under hard conditions.    

We saw 710 clients, from 1 to 92 years old, with about 1/3 needing prescription glasses.  We had only one person who could not be helped with the Autorefractor, the lens rack, or even the Multi Pinhole Occluder.  We went to our Lord in prayer and took up a collection for future cataract surgery by a local doctor.

Please see the attached pictures of your equipment in use and some of the happy clients.

I continue to pray for your ministry and give thanks to our Lord.
In His service,