Honduras #5, 2017
This is the testimonial from the team leader:
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Sent:     Thursday, August 03, 2017 1:08 PM
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Subject:     Mission trip

Good evening,
I just wanted to share with you about our recent trip to Honduras.  During our 2 week trip, we saw 387 vision patients.  Of these patients, 90% received glasses.  Many of them 2 pair.  (distance and readers)
Our mission was to visit remote villages where medical, dental and optical care was scarce or unavailable.  We saw many, many patients in there 50's, 60's and 70's who had never owned a pair of glasses or even been to an eye doctor.  Needless to say, we changed their world.  It was great to see the expressions of happiness when their vision was restored.  But most importantly, we saw 52 professions of faith by adults during these two weeks.  Each one received individual counseling and a Bible.  It was truly a wonderful trip.
Please visit my facebook page at DannyNLeAnnPoole to watch the video put together by a professional photographer.  I have attached a few pictures.   
God bless you for all you do for the kingdom,
Danny Poole,
Calvary Baptist World Missions