Honduras #6, 2017
From:     John Evans [jxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent:     Friday, February 03, 2017 3:20 PM
To:     Holland Kendall
Subject:     Texiguat Honduras Mission January 23-30, 2017

   Here is a review of our latest trip to Honduras.
       They are interested in another clinic on June 19-26.  I will complete the request next week. We visited our sister parish, San Francisco de Asis in Texiguat, Honduras from January 23-30. We conducted 4 optical clinics in the villages of Portillo, Corralitos and San Jose', as well as the main town of Texiguat. In the aldea of Corralitos we had no electricity so we had to use an inverter from the battery in one of the trucks we rode into to the village. Unfortunately the only truck with enough fuel to remain running for the hours of the clinic had a weak battery. The only way we could power the equipment necessary was then to eliminate make-shift extension cords (who needs one if you have no electricity?). This meant we had to perform the readings of the patients' eyes outside next to the truck. With the bright sun shine we then had to drape the examiner and the patient with one of the black bags that had been used to transport the 2000 pairs of glasses up to the village. Welcome to Honduras.
Over all we dispensed 180 prescription glasses, over 300 reading glasses and over 300 pairs of sunglasses. We also provide eye drops to many of the people subject to the dry and dusty conditions this time of year.  About half of our group of 13 people went with the priests and other local people to visit the sick, elderly and poor living in small houses adjacent to these villages. In most cases they were provided with food, aprons and other necessities. They also were anointed and given the Eucharist. What a blessing to be of service!