Honduras, 2018
Here is a testimonial from the team captain's daughter:
From:     Bethany Hayes <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent:     Wednesday, March 28, 2018 2:48 PM
To:     hollandkendall@kendalloptoministry.org
Subject:     Memorable moments from eye glass clinic

My mom, Renee Lehenbauer, passed along a note asking if we had any memorable moments
from our recent eye glass trip to Honduras. Here is one that I was able to think of:

The person we saw with the worst prescription was a woman in her mid 30’s who came in with
her 4 year old child. This woman had a -13.0 prescription Unfortunately, the closest thing we
had to her prescription was a -9.0. She was handed the glasses and was about to be told in our
broken Spanish that this was the best we could do for her but as soon as she put them on she
exclaimed “Claro!” (which means clear). It was amazing to see that even though this was 4
points off from her prescription it would make a huge difference in her life! Here is a picture of
this woman with her child.
 Thanks again for all that you do so that we are able to help people like
Bethany Hayes