China, 2006
This team was very successful in China, Even though they could not take in used prescription eyeglasses, they were still able to help many people.  Other teams which KOM has helped have been able to go into China and take used prescription eyeglasses.

Eyeglass Clinic in China Was a Success

Morehead Sister Cities Delegation has returned from Yangshuo China where they conducted a three-day eyeglass clinic using Kendall Optometry Ministries, Inc equipment. It was a new experience for the ministry to go into China. The group reported no problems with customs, and they were not required to make a deposit at the border to secure the return of the equipment out of the country.  They took the refractor and its printer in as carry-on luggage, but they did not take used eyeglasses.  The Chinese customs regulations forbid used clothing, and used glasses were frowned on by association. The Chinese say that it is bad feng shui to give away used things. It is a cultural taboo that needs to be considered when offering things to Chinese.   

Fortunately, since used glasses were not welcomed, the delegation had the cooperation of the People's Hospital of Yangshuo that supplied doctors, space, and economic support by paying $4.50 per eyeglass.  Blessing Hands, a public charity that supports children who need educational help, donated the rest of the cost for the glasses, which was $7.50. The clinic served over 663 students and teachers.  Since the frames were manufactured in China, the hospital was able to get a good price on individual glasses by making a mass order.  

While the delegation was in China, they got to go to a Christian church in Beijing on Sunday morning along with their tour guide and representatives from Yangshuo's Foreign Office and Educational Department.  The church had earphone for translation and handouts in English. There was room for 1000 people in the basement and a video camera to serve the overflow in the additions that could not get into the main auditorium.
The group enjoyed an evangelical sermon by a women pastor that lasted an hour.

This church was once a Methodist mission, but in new China all the churches have been combined into Protestants or Catholics.  It was destroyed and rebuilt twice and used by a middle school during the Cultural Revolution.  Once the property was returned to the church, it was rededicated with new windows and other remodeling.  The music was wonderful, and CDs were sold after services for $1.50.  There was a long line to buy Bibles and other Christian books from small stalls in the courtyard.

While in China, a university student asked one of the delegation members for a Bible.  Since the person had brought two Chinese/English parallel New Testaments, two of the university students received Bibles. They were delighted.  They said that they were often unable to gain access to the one Bible in the library, since so many students had to share it when assignments were made. They were also delighted that the Bible had English and Chinese side by side.  They said it would help them learn English better. They both received prayer and encouragement and went on their way rejoicing.
Blessing Hands Administrator and Founder, Betty Cutts    8/22/2006

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