Honduras #4,2018
Here is the testimonial from the team leader:
From: gary Johnson [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxt]
Sent: Monday, October 8, 2018 9:52 AM
To: Holland Kendall <hollandkendall@kendalloptoministry.org>
Subject: FUMC Tuscaloosa-Honduras Mission Trip

First United Methodist Church Tuscaloosa AL has been privileged to join with Kendall Optometry in 4 eyeglasses trips to Honduras since 2014. The use of the autorefractor and computer programs make it easy to fit the correct prescription to almost any age. The wonder and excitement of watching a person put on glasses for the first time never grows old.
The last week of September we spent in Honduras was at a new location for us.  However, we packed spare glasses based on the number of people we had seen in the past.  Much to our surprise, we saw as many people in two days as we had seen in a week in previous years!  We had already added all our extra glasses into the inventory.   Our prayer became, “God you know the need and you know what we have—let us be surprised at how You multiply and work with the glasses.”    God was faithful—At the end of the week, we saw close to 1,000 people and gave away close to 700 eyeglasses.
Everyone we serve is a blessing to. Upon returning home, people ask us,”What was the most memorable/rewarding experience?”-- The Down Syndrome child that could barely see and comforting her mother who was so apologetic because she did not know her daughter could not see,  or the smile on-the face of a 3 year old that could not make out shapes and now sees the mountains- or the senior woman who took out her Bible to verify she could now read.
The phrase we heard most often was--I could not see--now I can see!
Gary Johnson