Honduras #3, 2020
I took a trip to Honduras February 8-15 to do a ministry with the Walter Rose and Jiim Woods team.  This team consisted of 55 members doing children's ministry, shoe ministry, construction, Dental, Evangelism, Kitchen, Medical, Optical, Pharmacy and Rice and Beans.  

I worked in the optical clinic with Dr Sammy Rose (an optometrist on our board), Andy Arant (a member of our team) along with Stephanie who was one of our two translators.  Our second translator was named Christian.  Both Stephanie and Christian had grown up in the BMDMI childrens home in Honduras and were strong Christians.

In less than 3 days we serviced over 730 patients.   We had many happy people leave our clinic.  Check out the man to the left who was wearing glasses and could see well for the first time in his memory.  We made many good matches mainly because of our huge selection of 7040 pairs of random prescription glasses.  We handed our many pairs of readers also.

God blessed every part of our ministry and we had many people accept the Lord during our church services.