Kenya #2 - 2007
Below is a message from Dr Susan Berberich who is an Ophthalmologist in Louisville, Kentucky.  To the left are a few pictures from their trip.
From: SMB []
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2007 11:48 AM
To: Holland Kendall, President: Kendall Optometry Ministry, Inc.
Subject: Re: Please call.

WE are back home safe and sound.  WE had a great time and helped a lot of people!  I tried to email form Africa but we could not get a  connection.  Your program and equipment worked great.  We had a power issue in that most places didn't have electricity.  WE had to jump through some hoops to get a generator and then finding an extension cord was also a challenge.  But we did arrange these and then we were off and running. I will forward a few photos and show you more when the whole group shares their photos.
Thanks to you there will be an ongoing project to help as many in Africa as possible.
I must tell you that we helped at least one man who was aphakic ( like the one you show from South
America) and at least 2 young men that were -11.00 and -8.00!!!
Thanks you and God Bless you.

Here is a short note which Dr Berberich sent to me in the mail: