Vietnam 2007
This team had two autorefractors.  One was the Right Medical Retinomax 2 provided by KOM and the other was a Marco-Nidek ARK-20/30.  Both of them used the same inventory.  Below is a testimonial from one of the optometrists who traveled with the team.  To the left are pictures from that trip.

From: kathy vuu []
Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2007 11:12 AM
To: holland kendall
Subject: Finally!!! =)

Hi Holland!!!

Its been well over a month since our team got back from Vietnam, and I've finally managed to settle down and send you some pictures of our trip.  Praise God that ALL our eyeglasses and medical/children's ministry suppIies went through customs without a single thing being confiscated!!!  Now THAT is a miracle in itself!!! =)

I know I've told you many times over, but the extension of your heart to freely make available your equipment so that our team could be more effective for God's work has truly been a blessing.  I have to admit that in the beginning I was very hesitant to look into your ministry because of the sophistication of your equipment and the possible costs attached with that,  but your generous heart to help and provide freely of your resources has been a great testimony of the Body of Christ working together to further extend God's Kingdom on earth!!  Not only have we been blessed, but the people of Vietnam share in that as well. =)  From the countless hours on email answering all our questions, to the  web-based training you've provided to equip our team....we have been encouraged as to how God has used you to reach the thousands out there.

 We had some difficulties setting up the equipment at first, trying to merge 2 laptops and 2 autorefractors (but that was just due to our lack-of =).....), but once we got it up and running, it really did speed up the process -- especially how it updated the inventory every so often and how it allowed for us to customize the selection process to fit each patient's needs.  It definately beat the manual system we had!  Our second week of clinic we saw an average of ~80 patients a day between 2 optometrists (thats including all the interpretation that was needed in between!!).  We saw about the same amt of patients a couple years before, but this year we  were able to finish clinic a couple hours earlier and have more time to share and talk to patients in between.  It was great!  

Thank you, Holland, for being a blessing to us. =)  We appreciate you and your heart and how you have used your gifts and skills to partner with us in our ministry.  Looking forward to working alongside you again in the future!

I've attached some pictures of our trip and the many who have been blessed through the different ministries, including the eyeglasses!! Enjoy!!