Panama, 2008
Below is a testimonial from the optical team leader.  Click this link for a second paragraph about their trip.

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I just want to say thank you for your services!  When we went on our mission trips in February and April, the equipment was shipped to us in a timely manner.  We were able to get our inventories loaded on the computer, and had the opportunity to check out the computer program and Lens Refractor days in advance before we left.  Even though I had problems loading our inventory, both trips you were accessible, you helped me and were patient.  Your help got me through all processes and had me well prepared for our trips.  While on the trips any questions I had were answered by the help functions within the Eye Glasses Reader program on the computer.  It did help, though, to have taken your training seminar and have your manuals to continue to review materials,  I would recommend mission teams that do eye screening to come to one of your seminars.

Your manuals and help program on the computer are concise and to the point.  Even though I am not an optometrist I felt very confident when using your equipment and I would recommend Kendall Optometry inc. to any mission team.  Between our two trips we saw around 1200 patients and dispensed 495 pairs of prescription glasses and around 900 reading glasses.  We were able to do up to 500 vision screens in a day,  Your organizational and education program got the team ready to do this type of volume.  Plus the Lens Refractor and your computer progam make doing this volume of patients an attainable goal for any mission team.  

We took care of physical needs which opened the heart of the Panamanian's to God's love.  Kendall Opthometry was a big part of helping our team meet these physical needs .

Thank You

In Him

Jim Dunn
I play my drum for Him
 Panama Mission Trip  4/26 thru 5/4

         A Ft Wayne audiologist, Mark Carter, and myself worked the Vision screening aspect of the medical clinics.  We operated a device called a Lens Refractor, which via a laser can read the depth and curvature of the eye.  This information is then sent to a computer that figures the prescription for both eyes.  It then gives us possible matches based on defaults that have been set in an eyeglass program on the laptop computer and our inventory of glasses.  Although we don't get exact matches we can improve the vision of our patients.  I had two patients that were overjoyed when they put their new glasses on.  One of our one thousand vision screening patients, a Down's syndrome man, screamed with delight.   Another patient, an elderly gentleman, displayed the same emotions, and walked back into the clinic to thank us and shake our hands.  God worked miracles and this was the reason for us being in Panama.  

In Him
Jim Dunn
I play my drum for Him!