Eyeglasses Measurement Team
At this moment Kendall Optometry Ministry owns 10 digital lensmeters like what you see below.

See the feedback from the teams about how these people doing the measurements have helped them.
Honduras MVP
Honduras Missionary Letter #1
Honduras Missionary Letter #2

 Bud died Monday 8/15/2011.  He is no longer in pain.
 Here is Bud Pennington's story:
Bud retired early due to health problems.   He has had heart attacks and strokes.  He is also now suffering with a serious eye condition called Keratoconus. Bud wears contact lens to be able to see well enough to measure eyeglasses.  His condition is getting worse so he has to constantly change his contact lens.  In addition to the contact lens, he wears +6.00 readers to see clearly up close to use the instrument you see to the right.
Bud loves the Lord and he loves to measure eyeglasses.  He knows that he is participating in an important ministry and he realizes that due to his health he could not likely participate in any other way.  An interesting side affect of this work is his health is improving.

Bud has measured thousands of eyeglasses.  He is very accurate, dedicated and fast.  If you receive glasses from him, they will show By BP on the label.  You can be confident that they are measured properly.

 Here is Kathy Fraley's story:
"After retiring from work at a bank at a relatively early age, I took care of family matters. My son was still in high school and I provided day care for my grandson. When my husband retired seven years ago, we were "empty nesters" and were looking for ways to become involved in our community. Members of Fern Creek Baptist Church, like Holland, are passionate about their ministries and have allowed us the outlets to serve the Lord and our community. Measuring eyeglasses allows me to participate in a small way in the global efforts to spread The Good News.  To think that my entries into the glasses inventories may help someone in another country better provide for themselves and read the Bible is very rewarding.
You can see that Kathy loves the Lord also.  She has measured thousands of eyeglasses.  She is very accurate, dedicated and also quick.  If you receive glasses from her, they will show By KF on the label.  You can be confident that they are measured properly.

 Here is John Fidlers Story
John consistently measures 200 pairs of glasses every week.  They are always accurate.  John is an unusual measurement person in that he has a prosthetic left eye.  He can only see out of one eye.   Recently he had cataract surgery and was really concerned that it be successful.  God was good and he can now see perfectly out of that one eye.

 Here is Charlie Johnsons Story
Charlie is a member of a local church, Highview Baptist Church.  He is a retired school administrator.  He recently attended one of my training classes preparing for a mission trip to Pacux, Guatemala.  He said during the class "if you ever need any help, please ask".  Well, I never forget a person who makes that statement.  Shortly thereafter I asked Charley to measure glasses.  Charlie now regularly and accurately measures 400-500 pairs of glasses every week.  He is a wonderful asset to the measurement team.  He also lives close by to my house.

 Here is Jeff Fraleys Story
Jeff is an unemployed accountant.  He is the brother-in-law to Kathy Fraley pictured to the left.  Jeff agreed to measure glasses and he has taken it on with a vengeance.  He accurately measures 300+ glasses every week.  He lives nearby my house and delivers the glasses and gets supplies when he need them.

 Here is Nancy and Bob Calebs Story.
Bob and Nancy just recently started measuring glasses.  Here is his story:
I worked at International Harvester for 27 years beginning in the Accounting area and I was Manager of Compensation for the final 15 years with the company. When I.H. closed the Louisville Plant    I went to work at Louisville Gas and Electric as Manager of Compensation and worked there for twelve years retiring in 1993. I thoroughly enjoyed my work. I believe that I will be able to help out in a small role in the Optometry Ministry . It is just another way  to serve the Lord  by sharing my time so that others who are unable to afford glasses will receive the blessing of improved  vision and might be led to Jesus in the process. I believe this is a worthwhile ministry and I pray that my contribution will be helpful.