Honduras #2, 2008
This is about a Christian mission team from Fern Creek Baptist Church (Fern Creek, Kentucky) of which I am a part,  This team was traveling as a BMDMI (www.bmdmi.org)   We used the optical equipment already purchased and made available by this organization. During our trip to Honduras which was from June 24th until July 1st we saw 550 patients and handed out about 750 pairs of glasses of which 276 were used prescription glasses. The rest were readers and sunglasses.  Our team had over 250 conversions to Christ.  

Click this link to look at the man below my picture to the left.  This man has Parkinsons' disease.  He had to be helped into the clinic by two other men.  He was blind in his right eye and had a prescription of (Sph: -13.50 CYL: -1.50  AX: 89) in his left eye.  He was EXTREMELY nearsighted and could barely see beyond the end if his nose.  He rejoiced at his new glasses and was able to read his Bible immediately.  He looked left and right in the room and just giggled with glee at everything he could now see.  He looked outside the room and marveled how pretty things world.  Notice that these glasses are women's glasses.  He didn't mind at all.   We changed the man's life.

Let me work with you and you can change lives also.  We have kits to lend available to Christian mission teams going all over the world.

Holland Kendall
President, Kendall Optometry Ministry.